Teaching / Education

Intro to Photography class for Hobbyist:

The perfect class to learn the fundamentals. This class is offered at various locations throughout the Hillsboro / Portland area. This class is also a great fit for your company or group. Please make contact to find out the next time this class will be offered.

Advanced Photography workshop for Hobbyist:

This workshop picks up where the Intro to Photography class leaves off. Want to take your understanding of photography to the next level. Please make contact to find out the next time this class will be offered.

Private 1 on 1 mentoring or small group workshops

Need 1 on 1 photography mentoring or have a group of friends that want to team up to learn together. Inquire by email and lets set it up.

Finding your Why & What to do when your plans fail:

A powerful classes that can be delivered to your company or group. These are offered on a limited schedule. Inquire by email to talk about bringing this class to your group.

Shoot Tethered: Your Best Photography Realized

This workshop covers the benefits of shooting tethered, the tools you need to tether and demonstrations of both a product shoot and a stylized portrait shoot. Sign up to the e-list for details on the next class.:

“I found Bryan’s Tether Tools presentation informative and useful. He explored various uses for shooting tethered and he explained why Tether Tools products offer superior performance and reliability. A bonus to the program was the studio lighting setups Bryan showed when he demonstrated techniques for photographing products and people while tethered.”

-Mark Fitzgerald M. Photog., Cr. FP

Speaking / Workshops for Professional Photographers:

As a photographic educator and speaker Bryan travels across the country giving workshops and classes to many PPA affiliates each year. He has earned and is recognized as a  M. Photog., Cr., CPP, API and one of the few to have earned the EDU 100 PPA Accolade. Inquire by email to arrange an opportunity to have Bryan come to your affiliate or group. Also available to Judge photographic competitions (PPA JIT)

PPA Super 1 Day - May 2019

2 workshops coming in 2019 - Sign up at PPA.com