Leadership Hillsboro

THANK YOU for being part of the Hillsboro Chambers Leadership Hillsboro. Being part of this program has many benefits and we trust you have a better sense of community and see new opportunities to serve in a greater capacity.

As a thank you, please download your headshot for use as your professional and social headshot. Also, MIT Portraits would like to extend a special offer to our headshot services.

If your company books headshot services with MIT Portraits, you will be able to waive the $250 session fee.

Send an email with your request to talk about headshot services and we can chat about all the details. bryan@mitportraits.com or call 503-648-0586

Again, Thank you

Bryan Welsh - M. Photog., Cr., CPP, API, FP-OR

Download your Headshot Here

To download your headshot go to the following dropbox links. Find your headshot and download it to the personal archive folder of your choice.

Year 2019

Year 2018