Gear Overview

Having the right tools for the job at hand is always important to a working professional photographer. It’s true the gear does not create the images but having gear you love does aid in the process of creating the images you see in your mind. Here is a look inside my tool kits at some of my favorite gear.


Nikon Camera Gear

Nikon equipment has been my only choice as a professional. The grip, dials, menus and quality all feel like an extension of me and what I expect in my Pro gear.
  • Nikon D810 with battery grip

    • Nikon 70-200mm f4

    • Nikon 85mm f1.8

    • Nikon 50mm f1.8

    • Nikon 35mm f1.8

    • Nikon 20mm f1.8

Profoto Lighting Gear

With lots of choices in lighting equipment, I choose the gear that would never hold me back with inconstant performance. Profoto gear is always there for me and is ready for any demands I can send its way.
  • Profoto B1 + Batteries (2)

  • Profoto B10 + Batteries (2)

  • Profoto A1 + Batteries (2)

  • Profoto B2 Location Kit

    • Battery pack + Batteries (2)

    • B2 Heads (2)

    • B2 Extension cables (2)

  • Profoto OCF Beauty Dish (White)

  • Profoto OCF 2' Octa w / Softgrid

  • Profoto OCF 2’x3’ Softbox w /Softgrid

  • Profoto OCF 1’x3’ Softbox w/Softgrid

  • Profoto OCF Magnum Reflector

  • Profoto OCF Grid Kit (2)

  • Profoto OCF Gel Kit

  • Profoto OCF Barn Doors & OCF Snoot

  • Profoto Large Umbrella Deep Silver with Diffusion

Proud to be a Profoto Lighting Ambassador

Tether Tools Gear

Shooting tethered allows me to see my work in real time for the good or the bad. This critical feedback is necessary when you are creating images that your reputation is built on.
  • Aero Table - MacBook Pro 15" Black

    • Aero ProPad

  • USB 3.0 Core controller Tether Boost

  • USB 3.0 Cable(s)

    • 6' & 15' high-visibility orange cables

    • 16' Active high-visibility extension cable

  • Case Air wireless

  • JerkStopper & Tether Block

Proud to be a Tether Tools Ambassador

Think Tank Bags

After buying my first Think Tank bag I knew it would be the brand I can trust to carry my gear in any condition. I’ve taken my gear on assignment in Africa, vacations in Europe, across the US and on a walk about town. With so many bag options I always have the right one for the right job.
Think Tank Airport Commuter Backpack

Think Tank Airport Commuter Backpack

  • Think Tank Airport Advantage Plus Roller bag

  • Think Tank Airport International Roller bag

  • Think Tank Airport Commuter Backpack

  • Think Tank Airport Essentials Backpack

  • Think Tank Retrospective 20 Shoulder bag

  • Think Tank Retrospective 7 Shoulder bag

  • Think Tank Turnstyle 20 Sling bag

Proud to be a Think Tank Photo Workshop Program Ambassador

Lumix Mirrorless Kit

A kit that is perfect for the weekend away and trips that require a smaller foot print. My Lumix gear screams take me and lets go explore.
Full Lumix Kit with Think Tank Retrospective 7 Bag.

Full Lumix Kit with Think Tank Retrospective 7 Bag.

  • GX8 - Mirco 4/3

    • 35-100mm f2.8 (70-200mm equivalent)

    • 42.5mm f1.7 (85mm equivalent)

    • 25mm f1.7 (50mm equivalent)

    • 15mm f1.7 (30 equivalent)

Additional Gear:

The bits and pieces that help a professional do their job can never be forgotten. Here is a small sample of items that assist me on every assignment.
  • Light Modifiers

    • Various Profoto Light Shaping Tools

    • Photek Softlighter with diffusion

      • 36”, 46" & 60"

    • Westcott Reflector / Scrim Kit

  • Sekonic Light Meter