Airshow 2018 "How I made the image"

Another fantastic Airshow is in the books. This year my team and I had a chance to photograph The supersonic CF-188 Hornet, popularly known as the CF-18. A plane like this gets special attention so we pulled out all the stops. The task was to light the jet on the runway with the airshow fireworks as the background. Sure this can be done as a composite but the shots we created are done in camera and in the moment. First with the help of Airshow staff the runway is watered down by the Hillsboro fire department and the jet is towed into place. Next lights are carefully placed to wash light across the jet from the nose and from the tail. For lights I trusted the B1 and B2 lights from Profoto, its not a time or place for anything to fail and Profoto is my clear choice for these important situations. I started with my 35mm on my Nikon D810 but quickly moved to the wider 20mm for a more dramatic look. This change allowed me to get as much of the fireworks explosions in frame as possible. Now with a low camera angle, the 20mm, Nikon D810 and my Profoto lights firing it was time to capture the fireworks show. I’m thrilled with the results. Here are my 3 favorite images. Cheers and Enjoy!